Bunny Cake

bunny cake

In our house Easter activities started weeks in advance of Easter day. In anticipation of the grand Easter egg hunt where eight McCartt grandchildren would compete, my children would hide plastic eggs from each other and practice for weeks in advance. On Easter day after church, all grandchildren would line up for the big hunt. There were prizes in the eggs for this hunt and it was serious business in the mind of a child. Just to give the younger children an advantage they were given a head start. This was sheer torture for the older ones who had already plotted their strategy. The younger ones would stop to eat a piece of candy or pat the dog while the older ones ran from bush to tree trying to get the most eggs. I don’t know how Grandmother Louise McCartt ever got dinner on the table with all this activity going on. She always amazed me by making everything look effortless.

This is a colorful and fun children’s cake. Make sure you buy extra marshmallow bunnies so everyone will get a bunny with their piece of cake!

Doc and I hope that you have a wonderful Easter!

Bunny Cake

1 box Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix
2 cans Pillsbury Funfetti Aqua Blue Vanilla Icing
10.5 ounce bag jelly bird eggs, your favorite flavor
Peeps blue marshmallow bunnies

Follow recipe directions for cake making three 8 or 9 inch layers. Cool layers on wire racks at least 1 hour before icing cake. Open both cans of room temperature frosting. Stir icing before using. Ice cake between layers and on sides and top of cake. Save at least 1/3 of a can of icing to attach the bunnies to the cake.

After the cake is iced, figure out where you want to place the circle of 6 bunnies on top of the cake. Make sure the bunny circle is centered. The bunnies come connected in sets of 3. Do not separate.  Take 3 bunnies and curve them into a half circle. Using icing as glue, attach bunnies to the cake by placing icing on the bottom of the bunnies and making a dam of icing on the backside of the bunnies along the base. Repeat with the other 3 bunnies making a circle.

Sprinkle the Funfetti candy sprinkles on top of the cake. Place the jellybeans in a circle along the base of the cake and along the base of the bunny circle. Sprinkle jellybeans inside the bunny circle to hide the icing dam.  Enjoy!

Published in The News and Neighbor on April 19, 2014

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