Spring Snack Mix

Just in time for your Easter egg hunt.Try this Spring Snack Mix as a special treat for your children and their friends. Spring Snack Mix 2 cups Pretzel Sticks2 cups Rice Chex1 bag microwave popcorn, popped1 (12 ounce) bag white … Continue reading

Watermelon Slices with Tajin

This recipe is so simple that I hesitate to call it a recipe! Instead of sprinkling watermelon with salt, Doc and I use a Hispanic all-purpose seasoning called Tajin. Tajin isn’t salty or spicy. It changes the flavor of the … Continue reading

Halloween Apple Monsters

Halloween Apple Monsters are a nutritious snack for all ghosts and goblins! Halloween Apple Monsters 1 large granny smith apple Peanut butter or sunflower butter Sunflower seeds without shells 2-3 strawberries 6-12 edible candy eyes (depending on if you use … Continue reading

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Have you ever eaten a gourmet cookie and wondered why they taste so much better than an ordinary chocolate chip cookie? It’s not just the add in’s (the type of chocolate chips, the quality of vanilla, the type of brown … Continue reading

Praline Chocolate Crunch

  This unbelievably simple recipe is my family’s most favorite candy! You can make variations of it by substituting graham crackers for the saltines and M&M’s for the toffee bits. 40 Saltine Crackers (use the salted ones) 1 cup unsalted butter, no … Continue reading