Greek Grilled Chicken Wrap

Greek Grilled Chicken Wraps

Greek Grilled Chicken Wraps

My dad, D.M. Chambers, loved his charcoal grill. One year when I was in middle school my mom gave dad a new grill for Father’s day. All the pieces came in a big box. He and I spent an afternoon assembling it. My job was to anticipate what part he needed next and hand it to him. I felt like a surgical nurse; only we used screws, screwdrivers and grill parts! I worshipped the ground my Father walked on and would do anything to help him. I didn’t realize was he was really helping me learn how to read instructions and assemble parts.

The day was sweetened with cold glasses of sweet iced tea. My children don’t believe me but I didn’t have air conditioning in my house until I was in high school.  We grilled in the summertime to help keep the house “cool.” I use the word “cool” loosely. If it was 85 degrees outside it was the same temperature inside!

Greek Chicken Wrap– serves 6

3 skinless, boneless, chicken breasts
Greek vinaigrette, purchased
Spinach flour Tortillas, burrito size
Crumbled Feta cheese
Kalamata olives
Romaine lettuce
sliced roma tomatoes
sliced cucumbers

Cut each chicken breast lengthwise into 2 pieces. Place chicken in a one-gallon zip-top bag. Pour 1/3 bottle of salad dressing over chicken. Remove air. Seal bag.  Massage chicken to coat with dressing. Refrigerate 24 hours.

Grill chicken until internal temperature is 180º F. Remove chicken from grill, cover and let rest, 10 minutes. Cut chicken into large chunks. To assemble wraps: Layer chicken, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and additional dressing (if desired) down the center of a spinach wrap. Fold ends in on both sides then roll wrap. Cut in half.

Published in The News and Neighbor on June 15, 2013

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